Treviso with a licensed local guide


Guided tour to discover Treviso a wonderful watertown near Venice

With a local authorized guide you will discover Treviso considered a watertown due to the presence of two springwater rivers Sile and Botteniga, that flows in three canals through the town. Our walking tour will start from the Sile, that in the past connected Treviso with Venice. Thanks to its mild water we obtain our most famous “winter flower” better knowns as “Radicchio rosso di Treviso” igp (protected geographical indication), which is a kind of chicory appreciated for its pleasingly bitter taste and for its long crispy white and rubyred leaves.

Two special spots are the “Buranelli” along the “Cagnan di Mezzo” and “Pescheria” situated on an islet in the middle of “Cagnan Grande“, the biggest canal of Treviso.

We will see some of the most representative monuments like “Palazzo dei Trecento” symbolizing the indipendence of Treviso in the XIII century or “Loggia dei Cavalieri” representing the myth of the so called “Marca gioisa ed atmorosa” in the Middle Age or the curios fountain of the breasts dating back to the period of the domination of Venice, that lasted here almost five centuries.

In the Middle Age Treviso was defined “urbs picta” depicted town for its numerous frescoes, that decorated facades of palaces, interiors of the buildings, the porticoes and the churches or convents like f.i. the church of St..Nicolò, of St.. Francesco, of St..Lucia and of course St.Peter’s Cathedral. At least one of them is worth of a visit.

Only few people know that the famous spoon dessert “tiramisù” was created some decades ago right here in the town center, even though its inventor ist still in dispute! In spite of this a tiramisù can be tasted everywhere not only in Treviso, but in the whole world.


Season: all year round

Departure: Daily

Pick up: directly from the railwaystation of Treviso

Kind of tour: walking tour

Duration: around 2hrs

Included: local licensed guide

Price: on request

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