The 13th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition, Common Ground


From: 15-02-2012 To: 15-02-2012

From August 29 to November 25, 2012
Giardini and Arsenale

Several days ago, during a meeting with representatives of the 41 countries participating in the 13th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition, David Chipperfield, the new Director of the Architecture Section of the Venice Biennale, personally announced the theme for this year’s Biennale, which runs from August 29 to November 25, 2012 at the Giardini and the Arsenale (opening days, August 27 and 28, 2012), and various venues in Venice.

The event’s theme will be Common Ground, a title intended to be a metaphor for the field of architecture. The 13th International Architecture Exhibition will then pay tribute to the vital and interconnected architectural culture, posing questions about the physical and intellectual territories that it shares and promoting collaboration and dialogue among the participants.

As Chipperfield said: “The title ‘Common Ground’ also has a strong connotation of the ground between buildings, the spaces of the city I want projects in the Biennale to look seriously at the meanings of the spaces made by buildings: the political, social, and public realms of which architecture is a part.[..] This theme is a deliberate act of resistance towards the image of architecture propagated in much of today’s media of projects springing fully formed from the minds of individual talents. I wish to promote the fact that architecture is internally connected, intellectually and practically, sharing common concerns, influences and intentions.”TD