Intuition: an Axel Vervoordt’s exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny


From: 13-05-2017 To: 26-11-2017
  • characteristic LOCATION: Campo S. Beneto, 3780, 30126 San Marco, Venezia VE

Everyone was waiting for Intuition, the exhibition organized by Vervoordt Foundation, which will be hosted at Palazzo Fortuna till November 26.

Intuition opens its doors in the same period of the Venice Biennale 2017. This exhibition wants to show how intuition always influences art as in different corners of the world as in cultures and generations.

The exhibition has been curated by Daniela Ferretti and Axel Vervoordt, and the co-curator is Dario Dalla Lana.

In order to realize this amazing exhibit, ancient objects and works of art have been collected and put together with modern and contemporary pieces of art. All these masterpieces are tied to the concept of intuition, dream, paranormal fantasy, meditation, creative power, telepathy and inspiration.

Intuition is the last one of a series of exhibitions which have had a great success of public and critics, such as Artetempo (2007), In-finitum (2009), TRA (2001 and Proportio (2015).

Intuition derives from Latin (intueor) and refers to an uninexplicable form of knowledge, which reveals itself through sudden flashes, images, sounds and experiences.

Intuition is the capability of a human being to learn things without any evidence or reasoning. It’s a feeling which guides you to a certain point, without knowing why.