InAcqua Restaurant

INACQUA RESTAURANT Restaurants - San Marco 2159 | Venice, Italy

An element from which everything originates. And a city, which has constructed its story and strength out of this element. Like a Venus, Venice has risen from the water. Water is the source of life, a natural mirror, a way of communicating, and beauty in its purest form.

InAcqua an immersion, InAcqua a keeper of untold secrets, InAcqua hidden treasures, InAcqua a message in a bottle, InAcqua a birth. InAcqua a  handful of salt, to give meaning to a plate. With an antique gesture, in a maternal, Italian way. A gesture, which also repeats itself here, at InAcqua. Just as the lagoon, a mosaic of islands and sandbanks formed with time and eternal movement, our cuisine draws from tradition to create something new every day. A combination of pleasures, more precious than a simple union. An osmosis of tastes to nourishes the body and regenerate the soul.

Be attracted by the sound of the waves lapping and by scents carried in the air and join us at InAcqua. Not a mirage, but a destination, a place to lose and find oneself at the same time.
terrace on the Grand Canal, to explore Venice, which is reborn with every single wave. An invitation of the sea to discover InAcqua. Where taste originates.

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InAcqua Restaurant

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InAcqua Restaurant

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InAcqua Restaurant

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InAcqua Restaurant

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