Fortuny Museum Venice


The palace that accommodates the Fortuny Museum Venice is the house of Mariano Fortuny, one splendid copy of greater gotica building and an endowed atmosphere of exceptional fascination. The same additions like the balconies, the suspended passages and the decorations to coolnessthat were realized between aim ight hundred and first of the nine hundred, contribute to giving to the palace a connotation of all originate them and inimitabile.

Opening Time

Palazzo Fortuny is open only during the temporary exhibitions.


The Divine Marchesa.
Art and Life of Luisa Casati from Belle Epoque to the spree years

10.00 a.m – 06.00 p.m. (ticket office 10.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.)
Closing day: Tuesday


Full price ticket: 12,00 euros

Reduced price ticket: 10,00 euros