The Terraglio, an old, unbending road, measuring about 20km, leads traffic from the congestion of Mestre to the quiet prosperity of Treviso.
 In addition to being “interwoven with the moving filigree of water” (Giovanni Comisso) the city, located where the Botteniga and Sile rivers converge, is characterised by its porticoed alleyways, the contrast of tall celebrated monuments, the walls and an intricate medieval topography and late Gothic and renaissance decorations.
The origins of the word “Treviso” can be traced back to two possible interpretations. The first would place its origins in the Celtic work ‘tarvos’ or ‘bull’ plus the Latin desinence ‘isium’, thus making ‘Tarvisium’, whilst the second appears to be a strong link with the actual name of the Illyrian Protovenetian tribe who were the first to settle here.