Visit Treviso

Treviso is a pleasant historic town circled by medieval walls and crossed by canals, just few kilometers from Venice.

The historic old town, which is circled by walls built in the 14th century, offers numerous picturesque places and lively corners that will make your walk through the town a wonderful experience. PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI Piazza dei Signori is the main square of Treviso. The town's civic heart is dominated by Palazzo dei Trecento, the historic town hall erected in the 13th-14th centuries and restored after being bombed in the 2nd World War. Under the Palazzo dei Trecento great vaults host restaurants and cafes where Treviso's inhabitants meet for a break. THE CATHEDRAL AND THE BAPTISTERY Walking from Piazza dei Signori under the arcades of the Calmaggiore, the street with the most elegant shops, you can easily reach the cathedral and the Romanesque baptistery on his side. Beside the impressive Neoclassical façade, the interior is finely decorated with sculptures by Lombardi (in the 13th century chapel at the end of the aisle on the left) and some frescoes by Pordenone on the wall of the right side. Moreover, the main work of art is certainly an altarpiece by Titian, the “Annunciazione”. LOGGIA DEI CAVALIERI AND PESCHERIA (the fish market) Following the narrow streets near the Loggia dei Cavalieri, an example of Romanesque building of the town built in the end of the 13th century and located just few walks from Piazza dei Signori, you arrive at the Pescheria, a truly charming small island formed by the branches of the Cagnan, really a pleasant place in Treviso. PORTA SAN TOMMASO (GATE OF ST. THOMAS) In the northern part of the town stand other historic houses and buildings like the medieval Porta San Tommaso (Gate of St. Thomas), the most monumental gate of the town. It was erected in 1518 probably by Guglielmo Bergamasco and the exterior is decorated with coat of arms and the Lion of Saint Mark. Not so far are located the medieval churches of San Francesco and Santa Caterina famous for his fresco cycle “Storie di S. Orsola" by Tommaso da Modena, rescued from Santa Margherita Church in 1883. The complex of Santa Caterina has recently been restructured to house the Civic Museum of Treviso. THE CITY MUSEUM "LUIGI BAILO" To be mentioned is also the City Museum "Luigi Bailo" and the rich Pinacoteca (picture gallery) where you can admire masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini, Tiziano, Lorenzo Lotto, Pordenone, Jacopo Bassano, Rosalba Carriera and Francesco Guardi. In the museum is also held the well-known Salce's Collection constituted by several works of advertising posters, a unique collection in Italy.  CASA DEI CARRARESI Do not forget to visit also Casa dei Carraresi, a famous building in the pedestrian area overlooking the river Cagnan and the Pescheria that has become the most important venue for temporary exhibitions in Treviso.


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