Escursions in the Venice Lagoon and Veneto Region

From Venice it is also possible to set out on a number of interesting excursions throughout the Veneto Region to the islands of the Lagoon to discover the Veneto Region itself as well as the cities of the mainland.
Once you have arrived in the Veneto Region’s most romantic city and visited its major monuments, other possible excursions might include the islands of the Lagoon of Venice. Daily transport links provide connections to the islands of Torcello, Murano and Burano, each with its own particular features. Of the Veneto Region excursion destinations, the island of Torcello is packed full of history and it is from here that people left to colonise and establish the city of Venice. The island of Murano is famous the world over for the production of marvellous glass products.    



Suspended in the void


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