The unexepected Venice

Venice is the place that you would like to visit, but at this real moment you are not able to do that ?

Our VIRTUAL TOUR of Venice is the solution for you!



Tour available in Italian and English


the comfort of your sofa!

In a period where everything is becoming more and more virtual, Venice is adapting on the new tourism too.What’s more beautiful and comfortable than admiring the beauties of Venice directly from your home! Obviously this tour does not want to replace a real tour of the city. The VIRTUAL TOUR of Venice is a completely different way of admiring the city of Venice and in some ways it will give you new ideas and a completely new point of view  to contemplate and admire the Serenissima. You will discover unexpected things and you will receive new ideas for your next visits to the city of Venice.

How does the VIRTUAL TOUR of Venice work?

The first step is to register for the VIRTUAL TOUR of Venice. Being a live event, you can choose from a selection of dates and times that are most comfortable for you.

The second step is the payment of the ticket to attend the guided tour of the city of Venice in a virtual way. Once payment has been made, you will receive a link of the Zoom platform, which you can access to attend the guided tour, the link will be via email that you registered. You need to install the Zoom application for your smartphone or PC is better if you will use chrome.

10 minutes before the VIRTUAL TOUR, click on the link we sent via email to connect and then you will be placed in a virtual waiting room.

Once the organizers are connected, they will gradually introduce the participants to the VIRTUAL TOUR of Venice.

An authorized tour guide will lead the VIRTUAL TOUR live and will be at your disposal for any curiosity (the tour will not be recorded).

The guide will introduce you to the beauties of the city of Venice using photos, videos and other tools in oreder to give you a full 360 degrees view of venice.

During the VIRTUAL TOUR or at the end, there will be a space for questions about the city of Venice.

During the virtual tour or at the end of the tour there will be room for questions about the city of Venice.

The VIRTUAL TOUR has a duration of about 90 minutes.

The VIRTUAL TOUR is available in two types: as a private event (therefore with a small number of participants, such as a family, work colleagues, a cultural club, schools, etc.) or as a public event, where there will be more people connected.

The tour will be:

Dedicate to young and old people

The Venice tour will be an interactive tour, suitable for adults and children.

Dedicate to Venice’s history

The tour will introduce you to the Venice of the first Venetians, from the trunks arrived from the mountains to build the foundations continuing with the most crooked door or the narrowest street.

Dedicate to Venice’s high-tide problematic

To get to the present days, showing the most touristic part, without forgetting all the hidden or more characteristic parts of the city, without neglecting the Venice of every days life , with the problems of water issues and speaking about the new Mose project.

Who is Igor Scomparin:

I’m Igor (that’s pronounced ee-gor, in case you are wondering!) and although you may not think it’s an Italian name, I am 100% Italian. I grew up in this area, between Treviso and Venice and I’m incredibly passionate about my region and 2 cities.

I studied tourism, in Italy we have a special type of high school dedicated to tourism, and languages and I have been working in this sector since I graduated. I started in a hotel near Venice, then moved to one in London, which was an amazing experience.

When I came back to Italy, I moved to with Globus and travelled all over Europe, from Portugal to Russia and the North Cape to Greece. Seeing so many places was great and I learned a lot meeting people from all over the world.

In 2007, my grand tour ended, and I came home to Venice, where I qualified to work as a guide in the Veneto region (yes, in Italy you need a licence to work as a guide). I love taking my guests around this wonderful region, showing them all the fantastic treasures we have here. 

Whether you would like a tour of Venice, or a tailored, escorted experience with hotels, transfers and visits, let me be your Venetian expert!

Igor Scomparin

Pricing Plans

Choosing The Best Experience For You!

Private Event

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small number of participants, such as a family, work colleagues, cultural club, schools

Public Event

14,99 $

there will be more people connected

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I absolutely loved the venice virtual tour … i saw things that i didnt expected.

Frances Wagner

Amazing tour, run by such a professional guide.

Maurice Smith

I just did the Venice tour and it was absolutely awesome! Definitely a recommended.

Matilda Ellis

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