Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

Would you like to choose a city of extraordinary beauty for your wedding? Venice is definitely a special destination to celebrate your wedding: its charm and the atmosphere that you breathe make it a favorite destination, especially for the most romantic couples, to live an extra-ordinary experience.

In Venice it is possible to organize a civil, symbolic or religious ceremony, with the availability also for the Orthodox or for other confessions: magic, style and class will be your allies for a spectacular and unforgettable event. Every ceremony organized in Venice brings with it the pathos and the emotion of the city that, like an open-air theatre, hosts this sacred moment in all its beauty.

Venice is a magical, beautiful city without time: if you dream of planning your wedding in Venice you must be aware of choosing a place that lives of wonder and enchantment. Venice, however, also requires a large logistical organization, to manage the handling of people but also of all materials that will give uniqueness to your wedding. In addition to the city of Venice, the islands such as Murano, Burano and Torcello can reserve unexpected scenarios and locations of pure poetry. 

Getting married in Venice is a charming choice, it is a commitment and a gift that you make to yourself and your guests: to make them feel really immersed in a unique experience, you will have to think above all about their movements, comfort, the choice of the most suitable hotels and means of transport (from the classic gondolas to other boats).

An expert in Venice, its wonders and weddings is Michael Zennaro:
I’m Michael Zennaro and I am a diaristic wedding photographer in Venice.
Photography is my passion: throught it I try to tell about my vision of
life. The art of photography is the most important media of our time and
I think that all our images of today will be helpful for the future.

When I photograph couple or wedding, I look for authenticity and the
highest expression of love.

I love Venice and its culture since I was young. It’s the place where I
prefer realize every my photo shoots: in every hour of the day the light
is always amazing.
On Venezianet blog I would like to show you the beauty of this magic
city, the places where I usually take the photos of couple photo
shooting, wedding proposals and weddings. But I wouldn’t tell only about
me, I would like to show you the most important vendors of wedding in
Venice. So if you are organizing your wedding in Venice here you will
find all tips for make it special!

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