The world in a Glass Bead: a new collection at the Murano Glass Museum


From: 15-04-2018 To:

An extraordinary heap of technique and creativity. This is what hold a Venecian glass pearl. Little and precious artifacts of rare beauty that accompany with all their different typologies, the Venician glass history, will be protagonist of ‘The world in a pearl’ exhibition until the 15th of April 2018 inside the ex-glass smallwares spaces of the Murano glass Museum.

The exhibition comes from the long catalogue work and from the study of the collections of pearls of the Murano glass Museum made by the ‘Musei Civici Veneziani’ foundation by Augusto Panini, one of the main experts in this field, who published the first detailded catalogue of these artistic objects. The pearl universe is a unique one: not just decorative objects but also a precious bargaining chip, exported in huge quantity during the XIX century towards West Africa colonies, India and Americas; a desired and valued piece of jewellery that the old native americans exchanged for that territory that today we know as Manhattan.

The Murano glass Museum collection is made of 85 sample folders with 14182 pearls, of 3 fabric panels from 1863, a gift from the ‘Unite Industries Society’ containing 2015 pearls and 266 bunches of glass smallwares and 91 bunches of lampwork beads some of them incomplete: 8957 intact pearls, 274 fragmented ones and 492 bunches of glass smallwares. Disappeared since 1912 the inventory written by the Abbot Zanetti, just know it is possible to link some of the pearls, bunches and panels to some operative glass factories of Venice and Murano between 1920 and 1980 so as to the glass makers, masters of art and enlightened businessmen like giovanni Battista Franchini, Domenico Bussolin, Benedetto Giorgio Barbaria, Antonio Salviati, Pietro Bigaglia and  Giovanni Giacomuzzi that, with generosity and civic sense, donated to the city museum some pieces of their best fresh production.

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