Guest-Houses and Pensioni in Venice

Guest-Houses and Pensioni in Venice

If you are thinking of taking a holiday on the Lagoon, you could stay at one of the guest-houses in Venice that we have selected for you. The guest-houses and hostelries on this page are establishments that generally cost less than hotels but where the quality can be very similar. A striking feature of these so-called traditional establishments is the fact that the guest-houses are usually family-run concerns whereas hotels employ individuals and are normally owned by companies. Another feature is the absence of a common room and some of the many of the services offered by hotels. Guest-houses in Venice do however guarantee a continuous reception service and may resemble a small hotel. On this page you will also find rooms for rent that can be classified as being mid-way between a B&B and a guest-house, both in terms of the services offered and for the number of places of residence. The rooms are rented and afford guests a total freedom of movement. In general they do not have a 24-hour reception service, although they do guarantee a room-cleaning service, a change of bed linen, a porter's lodge and the constant availability of the owner or a contact person, who lives nearby. The guest-houses in Venice that we offer you vary greatly from one another and they are all differently priced. These range from the sophisticated Boutique Hotel in a central location of the city to the modern villa at the Lido di Venezia and from the small and truly charming hostelry in the historic town centre, just a walk away from the Rialto, to the exclusive, high-class rented room accommodation. Once you have found the accommodation that is to your liking you can book it directly on our website. Our rates for guest-houses in Venice are the best available because they come directly from the hotel establishment’s official website. You won’t have to pay any additional costs or commissions when booking.  

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