From: 28-05-2016 To: 27-11-2016

Reporting from the front is the title of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice, curated by Alejandro Aravena

Open from Saturday May 28th to Sunday November 27th, 2016 at the Giardini and the Arsenale, Venice, the 15th International Architecture Exhibition title is Reporting from the front. The exhibition, directed by Alejandro Aravena, is organized by La Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta.

This year, the purpose is to offer new perspectives on what Architecture represents, as Alejandro Aravena said in his introduction: “In his trip to South America Bruce Chatwin encountered an old lady walking the desert carrying an aluminum ladder on her shoulder. It was German archeologist Maria Reiche studying the Nazca lines. Standing on the ground, the stones did not make any sense; they were just random gravel. But from the height of the stair those stones became a bird, a jaguar, a tree or a flower.”
“The lady on the ladder who, climbing up onto the highest steps can gaze over a far broader horizon, and by doing so conquers an expanded eye” announces Aravena. “We immediately loved this picture – stated President Paolo Baratta – because in a way it represents la Biennale as a whole, with our attitudes and our goals.”

The aim of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition is to give voice to those who acquired another perspective in architecture, and to widen the range of issues to which architecture is expected to respond in the present and in the future.
Reporting from the front will be about sharing with a wider audience, facing issues like segregation, inequalities, peripheries, access to sanitation, natural disasters, housing shortage, migration, informality, crime, traffic, waste, pollution and participation of communities.

The Exhibition will also include the 62 National Participations in the historic Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the historic city centre of Venice. Five countries will be participating for the first time: Philippines, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Seychelles and Yemen.