Hills town tour in the Venice countryside


Guided Tour in the Venice Countryside – Hills Town Asolo, Bassano, Marostica

All the world knows Venice as a really unique city, but beside Venice, we do have marvelluos cities and towns with incredible cineries. This tour will show you the real italy and the real flavours of the Italian Heritage.

Tours from 1 to 8 passengers and english speaking driver


Marostica: a lovely medieval town surrounded by hills and medieval walls, well renown for the human chess game the cherries and the asparagus

Bassano del Grappa: a delightful town with an incredible bridge designed by Andrea Palladio, the calm river Brenta and the marvelous frescos will enchant you! Some memories of war world 1, including a little museum. The grappa (snaps), the fire water is a must

Asolo the most beautiful medical town in the north east of italy, Robert Browing ( the british writer lived here), Eleonora Duse ( a famous italian actress), Freya Stark ( british explorer and writer), Caterina Cornaro ( queen of Cyprus) all lived here

Villa Barbaro Volpi a photo stop in front of this incredible villa it’s a must

We will end up the tour, before driving back to Venice, with a little drive around Valdobbiadene, the world capital of the prosecco wine.

The tour will last approximately 8 hours

Price: 1-3 pax – € 370,00 / 4-8 pax – € 430,00

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