Lio Piccolo: the paradise of pink flamingos


If you are looking for a quiet place, where nature is still the main owner of its own space and where you can still feel the atmosphere of Venice, you have to go and visit Lio Piccolo, a place close to Cavallino-Treporti.

During a spring afternoon I went to Lio Piccolo. This is the perfect period to go there, when nature awakes, plants start sprouting and animals come out from hibernation, after a long winter.

I got there by car, but then I decided to walk, following the path that is usually crossed by people on a bicycle. This path is surrounded by marshes and farmlands, covered by something magical.

Lio Piccolo has a small square, a church and an Armenian church tower, that you can visit, but, please, don’t forget to leave an offer!

Do something for yourself and take a couple of hours to walk around and pay attention to all those natural sounds we are not used to hear, cuddling yourselves among the arms of silence. The only thing you will hear, except for a bird twitting, is the noise of a bycicle wheel touching the gravel.

Lio Piccolo is a hidden paradise few steps away from Cavallino-Treporti, a place where you get surprised at every corner for its bio-diversity, but above all, the thing that will really strike you, is the presence of pink flamingos! Exactly, could you imagine to find a group of pink flamingos in Veneto? I couldn’t, but they are actually there, free of standing on one leg while the sun is going down and free to fly above the lagoon.

Italians usually forget about what Italy can offer, problably without even knowing that behind their house, there are places like Lio Piccolo. If you have a bike, take it and ride it, go and discover this amazing place in the Venitian lagoon.

One very last tip: if you have the chance to visit Lio Piccolo, take your time, don’t be in a hurry, give yourselves some time and let nature surprise you: after centuries, it is still able to astonish us.