The Bussolai


The typical cookies of the Venetian tradition, can be bought in Burano Island or can be cooked at home.

The Bussolai, historical cookies of the Venetian tradition, can be found quite easily all around Venice, but if you have the desire to make them at home they are extremely easy to prepare, and if stored in a dry place can have a long life, as long as you resist the temptation to finish them all at once.

According to tradition, grandmothers and aunts of Burano are used to make tons of cookies, and after having made them, they put all the bisquits into little bags in order to gift them to their relatives.

The consistence of the Bussolai is really particular, and derives from the receipt, which provides a large amount of butter. It is not recommended to use a smaller quantity of butter, if you don’t want to lose the original taste and consistence of this traditional cookies.

Here is the recipe to cook them: after having set the oven to 170 degrees, melt 200gr of butter and let it cool down. Meanwhile, beat six egg yolks and add a pinch of salt, grated grind of one lemon, the seeds of a vanilla bean and 500gr of flour. You’ll obtain a smooth mixture that you will leave in the fridge wrapped in plastic for at least half an hour, in order to let it agglutinate.

Passed half an hour, stretch the paste until you obtain some rings of the diameter you prefer. Someone makes them small as pastries, some others like bracelets. Choose the size you like the most.

Leave them in the oven for a time ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, until they reach a nice gilt. It is better to eat them once they have cooled down.

Good to be eaten with a good coffee or with a fruit juice or a good dessert wine.

Receipt by David Marchiori, owner of the Palaplip Tavern and creator of the blog Incoscienzaatavola.