Frari's Church

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  • LOCATION: San Polo 3072 - Venezia

The church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari was started in 1340 but completed more than one century later. It contains memories and splendours of more than 500 years of Venetian history, such as the body of Antonio Canova (in the left aisle, near the main entrance) and apparently the triumphal arch in the second span of the right aisle marks the point where Titian was buried. The portal on the late-Gothic façade gives access to the solemn INTERIOR, made up of three naves divided by 12 solid pillars. The nave ends with the wonderful Coro dei Frati (Choir of the monks), remained untouched, with its 124 wooden stalls by Marco Cozzi, inlaid with views of Venice. One of the main masterpieces treasured inside is the Assumption by Titian (behind the main altar) where, surrounded by the warm hues of red and gold, the Virgin ascends towards God. In the vestry, on the right of this altar, is the Virgin Mary Enthroned, with Christ Child and Saints, a famous triptych by Giovanni Bellini, in its original frame. By the second altar of the left aisle, note the famous altar piece by Tiziano, the Madonna di Ca’ Pesaro, where the members of the Pesaro family and St. Francisco from Assisi, St. Anthony from Padua and St. Peter pay tribute to the Virgin, wrapped in a white and very bright veil, in an original composition.


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