Bacaro food tour in Venice

Bacaro food tour in Venice

If there is one activity Venetians really love to do after a day's work, it is to take a trip to the bacari. As you might already know, Spritz is the most popular aperitif in Venice, a cocktail made with prosecco, water and Aperol.

To experience the excitement of a 'tour of the bacari' without having to spend a fortune, simply head to one of these cosy venues. "Bacaro" is the Venetian word referring to those small bars typical of Venice, where you can enjoy the characteristic 'cicchetti' (appetisers) and enjoy a good glass of wine at affordable prices.

To experience a day in Venice like a true Venetian, don't miss the Bacari Tour:


  Bacaro food tour 


During your walking tour you'll get to taste:

  • Spritz: the cornerstone of Venetian aperitivo. Its name originates from 'spritzen', an Austrian word referring to the war period practice of watering down wine with sparkling beverages. In the 1920s, the cocktail we know today was invented and the sweet-tasting Aperol was added to sparkling water and wine
  • Crostini: toasted artisan bread topped or stuffed with fanciful products of the area, such as 'sarde in saor' (sardines with caramelized onions, vinegar pine nuts and risings), cured meats, cheeses, truffle sauces, veggie balls and mixed fried snacks
  • Warm dishes: Venetian specialties such as risotto, 'mozzarella in carrozza' (a deep-fried mozzarella sandwich), codfish with cornmeal and 'melanzane alla parmigiana' (aubergines with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil)
  • Espresso coffee and chocolate: conclude your tour experiencing one of the best espressos in town, along with delicious artisan chocolates prepared in the most famous confectionery of Venice


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