Toots Zynsky’s Bowls ?>

Toots Zynsky's Bowls

From: 01-11-2014 To: 23-11-2014
Palazzo Loredan

  • LOCATION: Palazzo Loredan

The spectacular bowls of Toots Zynsky on display until November 23 at the Palazzo Loredan.

Until the 23rd of November 2014 are on display in the main floor of Palazzo Loredan, Venice - Campo Santo Stefano, the incredible bowls of Toots Zynsky, contemporary artist famous for her work in "wire of glass” (filet de verre), a technique of her own invention that has evolved into more than thirty years of work, starting from the experimentation of different techniques of handling craft of glass: blowing, pate de verre, fusing, casting, etc. Toots Zynsky's bowls are true works of art: the relationship between inside and outside imposes the proportions and shapes. The base of each bowl is always smaller than the mouth, to let the walls explode like the petals of a flower. Those are real glass sculptures in the form of bowls assuming a baroque opulence made of instinctive curves. A key feature in these curves is to offer to those who look from the outside, glimpses of its internal surfaces. We're in front of extremely expressive curves, and the glass as it's forged narrates the series of sculptural decisions culminating in a final form. Zynsky uses a palette of about sixty colours, and her assistants spend most of their time preparing the wires, with the help of a device created for her by a Dutch engineer. The top layer is made, by contrast, with threads of clear glass that, with the fusion under heat, form a kind of semi-transparent coating which often dampens the vivid colours of the outer surface. The wires will remain separated even after the fusion, so the work seems made of fibres, a little rough to the touch. The weave offers an extra dimension to the veils of intense colour, giving a specific contribution to the aesthetics of the concave and convex. The works originate from the composition of many layers of wires superimposed on a plan of refractory ceramic. Spread out each piece is for the artist exactly the same thing as drawing or painting. When the composition in plan is complete, starts the work of thermo fusion in an electric furnace. As soon as the wires begin to merge the sheet, composed of thousands of wires, is moved on a series of metal substrates preheated, that gradually became deeper and more round in order to finish the piece inside and out giving it a free form crushing and pulling it manually. Free entrance Everyday from 10.00 am to 6.00pm


Toots Zynsky’s Bowls
Palazzo Loredan Palazzo Loredan Palazzo Loredan, Italia
Toots Zynsky’s Bowls