Roy Lichtenstein – Sculptor ?>

Roy Lichtenstein - Sculptor

From: 01-06-2013 To: 23-11-2013
Magazzini del Sale

  • LOCATION: Magazzini del Sale

Open until 23 November 2013, at the Magazzini del Sale (Salt Warehouses)  in  Zattere  in Venice, home of the Vedova Foundation, is the exhibition  Roy Lichtenstein - Sculptor. For the first time in Italy over 45 pieces from one of the geniuses of American Pop Art, including drawings, collages, maquettes, models and sculptures in bronze.

 Characteristic of Lichtenstein's work is its rendering as "two-dimensional" like a painting, to flatten the volume as would happen in a collage. From this come the ceramic figures which, starting from a two-dimensional source, paper, are organised into three-dimensions to form a head or a stack of cups or an explosion. Similar procedures bring to life his "profile" sculptures  from 1976 and up until his death in 1997, where the depth and shadows of the object are put on the same plane, as if they were crushed and compressed onto a single surface.

Opening Hours 
10.30 am – 6 pm
Closed Tuesdays

Full Ticket 12 €


Roy Lichtenstein – Sculptor
Magazzini del Sale Magazzini del Sale Magazzini del Sale, Italia
Roy Lichtenstein – Sculptor