The Galuppi Festival ?>

The Galuppi Festival

From: 14-09-2014 To: 18-10-2014
School of San Rocco

  • LOCATION: School of San Rocco

The music of Baldassarre Galuppi and it's contemporaries in some gorgeous locations in Venice thanks to the Galuppi Festival.

On Sunday 14th September 2014, with an original concert in the Basilica of Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon, was started the 20th edition of the famous Galuppi and Music Festival – The places of Baldassarre. The interesting musical manifestation proposes every year a turn of concerts with a musical program dedicated to the rediscovery and re-proposition of the works of the Burano's composer and the musicians of it's era, and moreover offers the opportunity to discover places of rare attendance, sometimes unknown also to Venetians themselves, in other isles of the lagoon, of the estuary and in the city in which, is believed, the musician could have lived and worked and where it's music could have almost certainly lingered. From today until the end of the event there's still the possibility to assist to three concerts, the first the 9th of October, the second the 12th of October and the third the 18th of October; all the three concerts will took place in the Scuola Grande of San Rocco and they will start at 8:30 pm. Baldassarre Galuppi, the author of this timeless phrasing, is one of the biggest devotee of the Venetian Baroque, both for the thirty oratories composed – flanked by Mottetti, Requiem, Te Deum and even composition for the Russian Orthodox Church- and for the devotion to the musical art that he manifested with almost sixty years of auditory compositions, with a vivacity, a fantasy, a whim of invention that in the exterminate opera production reached summits unreachable for his years. For more informations about ticket prices and the complete program of the Festival click here.


The Galuppi Festival
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The Galuppi Festival