Fernand Leger Correr Museum

From: 08-02-2014 To: 02-06-2014
Museo Correr
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  • LOCATION: Museo Correr

Fernand Leger, great artist, eyewitness and interpreter of the second industrial revolution at the Museo Correr in Venice

Just as the shocking news is breaking that the Fernand Leger painting in the Guggeheim Collection is a fake, the Museo Correr in Venice is opening a major exhibition dedicated to the works of this artist and his extraordinary experience within the European artistic avant-garde. This is the largest exhibition on the vision of the contemporary city as seen by the French painter and his circle of friends and co-experimenters such as Duchamp, Picabia, Robert Delaunay, El Lissitzky, Mondrian and Le Corbusier and comes directly from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where it was conceived last spring. The exhibition focuses on "The Vision of the Contemporary City" pursued by Leger and other artists who had first hand experience of the radical transformations that were shaping the everyday throughout the world with the advent of the second industrial revolution, capturing the increasingly frenetic rhythm of life. As such, the city is depicted as a dizzying kaleidoscope of colours and rhythms, the landscape is fragmented and contrasts between soft and linear shapes give a thickness and depth to splendid paintings, posters and films. Divided into five sections (The Metropolis Before the Great War, The Painter of the City, Advertising, Entertainment, Space), the works presented include more than 60 by the French artist, including the extraordinary painting "La Ville" (The City), the piece that launched the his experimental phase, exceptionally granted on loan by the Philadelphia Museum together with a collection of 25 other important art works. Opening Times: Every day from 10 AM to 6 PM Tickets: Full price 13, Discounted 10


Fernand Leger Correr Museum
Museo Correr Museo Correr Museo Correr, Italia
Fernand Leger Correr Museum