Venice Carnival 2014 at The Arsenale ?>

Venice Carnival 2014 at The Arsenale

From: 27-02-2014 To: 04-03-2014
The Arsenale of Venice

  • LOCATION: The Arsenale of Venice

The Venice Arsenale comes to life during the 2014 Venice Carnival

The 2014 Venice Carnival has many new treats in store for us. In addition to exceptional visuals curated by the renowned Disney cartoonist Giorgio Cavazzano, the star of this year's Carnival will be one of Venice's landmarks: the Arsenale. The "Serenissima's" historic dockyard will be presented with a new theatrical backdrop, which will be created in collaboration with Teatro la Fenice, and will be ready to greet the Carnival masks every night of the festival week. THE SHOW ON THE DOCK For six nights during the 2014 Venice Carnival, playful lights and fountains, music and roving entertainment will be introduced by a show directed by Davide Rampello commemorating the history of the Arsenale in a performance incorporating dance and narration that will be stage on the Darsena Grande (the main dock). FREE TRANSPORT SERVICE TO THE ARSENALE A series of colourful boats further adorned by the presence of orchestras and street artists will set sail from the San Marco area and transport the excited public to the Venice Arsenale. The bank where everyone disembarks will be transformed into the Bank of Wonders and the visitors will be greeted by food and wine stands and artists who will guide them towards the dock with their performances. Every evening after 6 PM, once the afternoon mask parades in Piazza San Marco have finished, a wondering marching band led by stage conductors will move along with artists on stilts towards the boarding area. Other specially decorated boats will then leave from Rialto and Piazzale Roma to complete the special service, while the public transport service while also be enhance with the addition of a "Bacini" stop, which will allow the public to access the north part of the lagoon. AFTER SHOW At the end of the show created by Davide Rampello, which takes inspiration from the famous fire at the Arsenale in 1569 and the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the festival will continue late into the night within three Tese dell'Arsenale (boathouses) that have been specially set up as a Lounge Bar, with internationally renowned DJs.


Venice Carnival 2014 at The Arsenale
The Arsenale of Venice The Arsenale of Venice The Arsenale of Venice, Italia
Venice Carnival 2014 at The Arsenale