55th International Art Exhibition - Biennale di Venezia

From: 01-06-2013 To: 24-11-2013
  • WEBSITE: www.labiennale.org

  • LOCATION: Giardini

Venice Biennale 2013: an incredible journey in contemporary art and collective imaginary

This year, the 55th Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte  organised by the Biennale di Venezia and curated by the young art critic Massimiliano Gioni, opens its doors on 31 June 2013 and remains open until November 24. This year's exhibition, entitled IL PALAZZO ENCICLOPEDICO [the encyclopaedic palace], unfolds between the Giardini and the Arsenale, and is presented as an outstanding labyrinth of ideas and emotions erected on thousands of works of art from over 150 artists: a vast temporary museum that examines the ways whereby images are used to organise knowledge. The common thread that unites all these artists is the imagination and its products, removing all chronological boundaries or distinctions between professionals and amateurs, between insiders and outsiders. The 55th International Art Exhibition opens at the Central Pavilion in the Giardini with a presentation, inside a temple-like structure, of the Red Book of Jung, an important reflection on inner images and dreams that pervasively undertones this year's Esposizione Internazionale di Arte. The exhibition brings together numerous examples of works and figurative expressions that present different approaches to visualise knowledge through representations of abstract concepts and manifestations of supernatural phenomena. Imagination is also put to work through writing and drawing, both frequently recurring themes in the exhibition: alongside works of contemporary artists, we find also visual experiments of some important authors of the twentieth century, such as Jean Louis Borges and Franz Kafka, to name a few. The whole exhibition is also a tribute to books, understood as a sadly and slowly declining medium but also a place for self-discovery. In the Arsenale, the trail becomes even more labyrinthine although it is progressively arranged from natural art forms to artificial ones (mostly video). The viewer of 55th International Art Exhibition can enjoy a totally unique experience, building indeed an entirely personal reading path going back and forth within the halls, with no time for boredom.


55th International Art Exhibition – Biennale di Venezia
Giardini Giardini Giardini, Italia
55th International Art Exhibition – Biennale di Venezia