Venice Carnival 2015 ?>

Venice Carnival 2015

From: 31-01-2015 To: 17-02-2015
Piazza San Marco

  • LOCATION: Piazza San Marco

The theme of the Venice Carnival 2015 will be the taste, enogastronomy and food.

The Venice Carnival 2015 will be focused on tastefulness. The triumph of flavours, of enogastronomy and of conviviality will be the common thread throughout the great Venetian Festival, which will take place from January 31st until February 17th 2015. The edition of the Venetian Carnival 2015 was presented today in a press conference that took place at the headquarters of the Expo 2015. The concept of sacredness of food has always been at the base of the Carnival and the theme of gluttony will develop for all the Festival duration not only during parties and performances, but also in all the cultural institutions of the area declined in all the museums areas, with an extraordinary offer and for all tastes. Venice will offer a very rich book of performances, shows and manifestations also related to enogastronomy and its excellence products. The tradition of literature, theatrical and musical events, both national and global offers many ideas which inspires the artistic and scenic choices. The scenic machine (machina) of Saint Mark's square, the Great Theatre (Gran Teatro), will be adorned with food centrepieces and garlands of vegetables; theatrical productions and revivals at the Arsenal will purpose again the relationship of the city of Venice with food: markets, the big banquets, the fascinating arrivals of exotic food that from the Lagoon spread throughout Europe. Thanks to the collaboration with Museums and the Venetian Collections will be proposed thematic cultural routes of access, extraordinary openings, temporary exhibitions dedicated to cycles of works that testify the material culture associated to food in Venice; iconographic routes focused on food in sacred places; theatrical and comedy shows; tales for kids between fantasy and gluttony. And at the Arsenal of Venice, the most beautiful water parterre of the world, will be staged the sweetness of the palate of Venetian culture and the celebration of Carnival. Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February 2015 Venetian water party with nuveau cirque show, regatta of Venetian rowing and food and wine stands , to discover the Venetian cuisine from the bigoi to sardines in sauce (sarde in saor) until sweet and soft fritole. Saturday, February 7, 2015 Opening of the Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco Sunday, February 8, 2015 Flight of the Angel (volo dell'Angelo) from Campanile di San Marco From Thursday 12 until 17 February 2015 Fat Week with blaze of shows, concerts, events.


Venice Carnival 2015
Piazza San Marco Piazza San Marco Piazza San Marco, Italia
Venice Carnival 2015