CANALETTO now in Venice

From: 09-11-2013 To: 24-12-2013
San Gregorio Abbey

  • LOCATION: San Gregorio Abbey

Ever wanted to admire a painting by Canaletto in the place that it was painted, alone and in the middle of the night? Now you can!

Those who want to experience art in an original and unique way may be interested to hear that from 10 November 2013 it will be possible to admire a masterpiece by Canaletto depicting a view of the Basilica della Salute in the very place the artist painted it, at the Abbey of San Gregorio in Venice. Using methods never tried before in Europe, for almost fifty days, that is, until 24 December 2013, the “Gero Qua Canaletto” exhibition around this magnificent painting will give art lovers the chance to experience more than just a simple visit, but rather an encounter, an intimate and emotional moment. This sensation will accompany you through the evocative, magical spaces of the medieval Abbey of San Gregorio, culminating in the magnificent corner hall with a truly unique view over the Basilica della Salute, the Grand Canal and the Basin of San Marco. Closed to the public for many years, this room will host Canaletto’s canvas, providing an unequalled comparison between the canvas and public space, between unreal and real, history and modernity. This is all accompanied by a video made by the auteur Francesco Patierno (preview here). This experience is truly unique in terms of both its form and its price. The Canaletto can be enjoyed 24 hours a day and by a maximum of eight people per hour, through advance reservations only. It ranges from €400 to enjoy an hour on your own in the middle of the night to €35 per person for a visit during the day. To reserve tickets, contact the following numbers: 848 690 570 or 06 399 674 50


CANALETTO now in Venice
San Gregorio Abbey San Gregorio Abbey San Gregorio Abbey, Italia
CANALETTO now in Venice