240 stunning images of Sebastiao Salgado ?>

240 stunning images of Sebastiao Salgado

From: 01-02-2014 To: 18-05-2014
Casa dei Tre Oci
  • WEBSITE: www.treoci.org

  • LOCATION: Casa dei Tre Oci

240 stunning images of the Hearth and Nature by Sebastiao Salgado on display in Venice at Casa dei Tre Oci

GENESI, an exhibition that brings together more 240 shots by Sebastiao Salgado, the photographic project the great photographer was involved in fore more than 10 years, will be on display at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice until 11 May 2014, This collection of black and white images taken from thirty reportage expeditions throughout the world has been curated by Salgado?s wife, Leila Wanick. The exhibition is divided into five sections, each of which has been assigned its own wall colour within the Casa dei Tre Oci, as if dividing the globe into five parts. The ground floor starts with the Amazon, Venezuela, Brazil and the Pantanal, the lungs of the planet and the natural habitat for an infinite number of animal and plant species. It continues on the first floor with the most northern part of the planet, the North Pole and the Colorado zones, and with the Sanctuary section dedicated to the islands of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar, places that are home to very special biodiversity. On the last floor we find the section dedicated to Africa, marked out by bright red, and then the section that encompasses all the images of the far south of the planet, such as Argentina, the Antarctic and its islands. The aim of this photographic exhibition is no doubt to raise awareness among visitors of the beauty of our planet and everything that we risk losing through unprecedented urbanisation and the systematic destruction of resources. All of society must take responsibility for change, because we need greater awareness of nature and everything that surrounds us. Opening Hours From 10am to 7pm Friday 10am to 9pm Tuesday Closed Tickets 10,00 €


240 stunning images of Sebastiao Salgado
Casa dei Tre Oci Casa dei Tre Oci Casa dei Tre Oci, Italia
240 stunning images of Sebastiao Salgado