14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale ?>

14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale

From: 07-06-2014 To: 23-11-2014
Venice Biennale Giardini
  • WEBSITE: www.labiennale.org

  • LOCATION: Venice Biennale Giardini

The 2014 edition of the Architecture International Exhibition will run for six months and will involve all sectors of the Venice Biennale (cinema, dance, theatre and music)

Many new features at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale entitle FOUNDAMENTALS, launched a few days ago by the President of the Venice Foundation, Paolo Baratta, and this year’s curator Rem Koolhaas. THREE EXHIBITIONS MAKE UP THE 2014 BIENNALE Firstly, this Venice Biennale will focus on architecture research, thus retracing the history of modern times from past to present and beyond to the future. Three distinct but complementary exhibitions will make up this research framework: ABSORBING MODERNITY 1914-2014, which will involve the national pavilions; ELEMENTS OF ARCHITECTURE, in the central pavilion, is the exhibition made by the curator while the Corderie dell'Arsenale will host MONDITALIA, the ideal stage for a single theme: Italy, with theatrical performances and events that include architecture, politics, economics, religion and industry. THE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE WILL LAST SIX MONTHS The first major change concerns the duration of this year’s event. The 14th International Architecture Exhibition will start on 6 June 2014, no longer in September to conclude in late November as it did in the past. It will last 6 months. INVOLVEMENT OF ALL THE AREAS ATTENDING THE VENICE BIENNALE This prolonged exhibition means that you can imagine an Architecture Biennale where all other sectors of the Biennale like Cinema, Dance, Music and Theatre can contribute and integrate, and not only complement, the theme addressed by this year's exhibition: through a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the architectural elements shared by all cultures, we seek to extend the applications of architecture beyond its traditional parameters. The heads of the dance, cinema, music and theatre sectors are called to participate actively trying to engage with the public in a familiar dimension of architecture. NATIONAL HALLS WILL EACH DEVELOP THE THEME SUGGESTED BY THE CURATOR Another important change is the fact that the various national pavilions, whose attendance is a prerogative of the Venice Biennale (this year these will be no less than 65, 11 of which are here for the first time), were not only notified of the theme adopted by curator Rem Koolhaas, but have also been called upon to develop a specific theme of their own. All pavilions are therefore engaged in a substantial part of the research. Each of them will display the process of annulment of national features to adopt a single, almost universal global architectural language. MEETINGS ON ARCHITECTURE + WEEKEND SPECIALS The last important novelty consists in the "Meetings on Architecture" that will feature the special "Weekend Specials" programme for the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, conceived as an integral part of the MONDITALIA section: this will include lectures, workshops, performances and discussions that will take place during the six months of the exhibition.


14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale
Venice Biennale Giardini Venice Biennale Giardini Venice Biennale Giardini, Italia
14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale