Spring at Palazzo Fortuny

From: 08-03-2014 To: 14-07-2014
Palazzo Fortuny
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  • LOCATION: Palazzo Fortuny

On 8 March, not by chance Women's international day, the Fortuny Museum in Venice reopened its doors to the public with 5 important exhibitions dedicated to art, fashion, design and photography, all in the name of women artists. It is the so-called Spring at Palazzo Fortuny that offers ample space for international artists and photographers from different eras: the photographer Dora Maar, the portraits by Anne-Karin Furunes, glass works by Ritsue Mishima, the great international photographers of the Mario Trevisan collection, the precious brooches of Barbara Paganino. The exhibition is open until 19 July 2014 and it gives an extraordinary opportunity to visit the studio of Mariano Fortuny. THE AMAZONS OF PHOTOGRAPHY COLLECTION by Mario Trevisan GROUND FLOOR The exhibition on the ground floor of the Museo Fortuny offers the opportunity to view a significant anthology of photographs taken from the mid-800 up to the present day, by key women photographers including Julia Cameron, Margaret Burke White, Dora Maar, Lisette Mondel, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin. Photography is a field in which women excel brilliantly. The images belong to the devoted collector Mario Trevisan, who granted their display in the extraordinary setting of Palazzo Fortuny. DORA MAAR DESPITE PICASSO FIRST FLOOR For the first time in Italy, this retrospective is dedicated to Dora Maar, an influential artist and photographer, best known for her tumultuous relationship with Pablo Picasso. The exhibition project by Daniela Ferretti and Vittoria Combalìa wants to reveal the outstanding talent of Dora Maar, who used to see Brassai and Henri Cartier-Bresson, regardless of her relationship with Picasso. On display at Palazzo Fortuny are approximately one hundred works, including some photographs taken during her working relationship with Pierre KEFER. RITSUE MISHIMA TRANS FORM BARBARA PAGANIN OPEN MEMORY FIRST FLOOR In the midst of the works by Dora Maar displayed on the first floor of Palazzo Fortuny, the extraordinary glass sculptures by Ritsue Mishima also stand out; the artist is inspired by the forms of nature and the light reflections in her work. Her glasses are transparent and colourless and expand light in an incredible way. The cases display the jewellery of Barbara Paganin, who is inspired by the emotions of her past and from borrowed memory, thus suggestive in her portraits of miniature nineteenth-century brooches, porcelain mascot animals, mice, hippos, rabbits, a small compass, a chess queen. ANNE-KARIN FURUNES SHADOWS SECOND FLOOR The bright second floor of Palazzo Fortuny hosts the works of the Norwegian artist Anne-Karin Furunes, who used archive photos of Mariano Fortuny for her large canvases. At a first fleeting glance, what we see in the work is a painting featuring a photographic portrait covered with hundreds of perfectly applied holes of different sizes. But only if you see the work from a distance you will be able to see a face, initially only fuzzy but that becomes clearer and clearer. Opening times Until 14th July, 2014: from 10 am to 18 pm (ticket office 10 am – 17 pm) Closed on Tuesday and 1st of May Tickets 10€


Spring at Palazzo Fortuny
Palazzo Fortuny Palazzo Fortuny Palazzo Fortuny, Italia
Spring at Palazzo Fortuny