Museums in Venice -The great exhibitions in 2015 ?>

Museums in Venice -The great exhibitions in 2015

From: 15-01-2015 To: 31-12-2015
Ca d'Oro

  • LOCATION: Ca d'Oro

Plessi at Ca d'Oro, Kooning and Manunzio at the Accademia Galleries: big expositions in Venice for the  year 2015.

The Museum Centre in Venice for the year 2015 offers a range of exhibitions not to be missed: Plessi at Ca d'Oro, a major proposal from the Tagore Foundation at Grimani Palace, the long-awaited outfitting of the Great Accademia Galleries with the opening of the new wing, de Kooning and Manuzio at the Accademia Galleries. PLESSI LIQUID LIFE - CA 'D'ORO It starts with a big show at Ca d'Oro titled PLESSI. LIQUID LIFE. The flow of memory - 1.000 projects, a site-specific installation on the theme of water, an issue that Venice has chosen as its code on the occasion of Expo 2015, next to feed and food. Water is not only an element inherent in fame and international identity of the city, but it is also an emblematic element of the entire production of Fabrizio Plessi that becomes in his work, through the theme of the flowing liquid and the flow, the primary metaphor of memory, history and the creative process itself. A large video installation will be structured on two floors of the building, accompanied by a frame of 1000 drawings. FRONTIERS REIMAGINED - GRIMANI PALACE  In Grimani Palace, in conjunction with the upcoming Biennial of Art, the Superintendence and the Tagore International Foundation will present Frontiers Reimagined. 38 international artists, established or emerging, explore the overcoming of the idea of cultural frontier. The exhibition, which opens with a tribute to Rauschenberg, a forerunner of this explicit research, offers works by Sebastiao Salgado, Lee Waisler, Robert Yasuda, Joel Shapiro, Susan Weil, Golnaz Fathi, Kenro Izu, Donald Sultan, Nino Suwannee Sarabutra, Hiroshi Senju, among others. DE KOONING AND MANUZIO - ACCADEMIA GALLERIES As for the new wing of the Accademia Galleries, presented to the public last year, the Superintendent Damiani has announced that it has already been established an exhibition that will be so enriched with sections devoted to art of the Nineteenth Century, statuary, and find a large-scale space Baroque paintings of the seventeenth century of the Italian school or not, and the paintings of that important period of art represented by the Venecian Eighteenth-century. While working on the new outfitting, the Galleries will host, for the Biennale an exhibition of contemporary art, dedicated to the work of Willem de Kooning, organized in collaboration with The Willem de Kooning Foundation of New York; and in autumn an exhibition event of extraordinary cultural depth and interest, which will concern the work of Aldo Manuzio, extraordinary printer and intellectual, and the Venetian culture between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.


Museums in Venice -The great exhibitions in 2015
Ca d'Oro Ca d'Oro Ca d'Oro, Italia
Museums in Venice -The great exhibitions in 2015