Have you ever seen the original drawing of the Vitruvian Man? You can now see it at the Gallerie dell'Accademia, during the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci. L'uomo modello del mondo.". This exposure celebrates the 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci's death (1519-2019), and it will be open to the public until July 14, 2019. You can't miss the chance to see 25 original drawings, which offer an interesting excursus in Leonardo's production and show all his scientific researches about human body proportions, botany, optics, physics, mechanics and weapons. Moreover, it will be possible to see how Leonardo thought about the structure of some of his paintings: the Battaglia di Anghiari, the Sant'Anna con la Vergine e il Bambino and the Vitruvian Man, the famous study of human proportions that has become a symbol of classical perfection of body and mind. The exhibition, curated by Annalisa Perissa Torrini and Valeria Poletto, retraces, through drawing models created by the artist himself or by his students and protegees, the fundamental stages of the master's life, starting from the two Studies for an Adoration of the Shepherds, made during his younger years, up to the Three dancing figures, related instead to his time in France, extreme moment of his life ended in Amboise on May 2, 1519. The Vitruvian Man is exhibited in a special section together with other studies of proportions and anatomy of the human body, combined with important documents exceptionally lent by the Royal Library of Windsor Castle, and several pages of the Huygens code, on loan from The Morgan Library & Museum of New York. The exhibition includes more than 70 works, including as many as 35 signed by Leonardo.


Opening hours

Monday 8.15 am - 2 pm; from Tuesday to Sunday 8.15 am - 7.15 pm

Ticket price

Full: € 15 Reduced (under 25): € 3,50

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