Venice Carnival 2014 – Flight of the Angel ?>

Venice Carnival 2014 - Flight of the Angel

From: 22-02-2014 To: 04-03-2014
St. Mark Square

  • LOCATION: St. Mark Square

Flight of the Angel: An unmissable event of the Carnival of Venice 2014

Volo dell' Angelo or "Flight of the Angel" as it is popularly known, is a traditional event that happens in the Carnival of Venice, one of the most oldest and colourful festivals in Italy. Considered to be the highlight of the Carnival of Venice, 'Flight of the Angel' attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across the world every year.

History of the event

During the mid 16th century, a Turkish acrobat walked on a rope from a boat tied in Riva degli Schiavoni, a waterfront promenade at Castello, to the top of St.Mark Bell Tower, one of the most popular landmark attractions in Venice. From the tower, he then continued his feat to the Doge's Palace Balcony as a honour to the Doge, who was then in charge of the city. This marked the beginning of what is today the most famous event of the Carnival of Venice. The event, then known as the "Flight of the Turk" was performed only by professional acrobats. However, over the years, even common people came forward to showcase their ability and bravery. Once an acrobat, clad in angel wings, flew along a rope from the bell tower to the palace square. The flight was so impressive that the doge himself presented a gift to the acrobat who did this stupendous feat. From then onwards, the event was renamed as the "Flight of the Angel". But the name didn't last for long. In 1759, an acrobat angel accidentally fell over the crowd during the flight. After this shocking incident, instead of humans, wooden doves were used in the event. Hence it was known as the "Flight of the Dove". For centuries, this ritual continued with wooden doves. Again in 2001, wooden doves were replaced by humans, bringing back the old ritual of the flight of the angel paying homage to the doge with renewed gusto and vigour.

Carnival of Venice, 2014 Edition

This year, Julia Nasi, the winner of the previous edition of the Marie Contest, will be the Angel of the flight in the Carnival of Venice. It would be a breathtaking sight to watch the flight of the angel flying from atop the tower against the strong wind blowing from the sea. There will also be parades and historical reenactments, adding more excitement and revelry to the flight. The flight of the angel concludes with the Angel and the Doge embracing each other, marking the beginning of the festivities of the Carnival of the Venice.  


Venice Carnival 2014 – Flight of the Angel
St. Mark Square St. Mark Square St. Mark Square, Italia
Venice Carnival 2014 – Flight of the Angel