Arzanà: a secret Museum of old Venetian Boats ?>

Arzanà: a secret Museum of old Venetian Boats

From: 21-10-2013 To: 31-12-2014
Arzanà Casal dei Servi

  • LOCATION: Arzanà Casal dei Servi

In Venice there is a yet exceptional museum, scarcely known and thus almost a secret, which contains unique old Venetian boats. The world of traditional Venetian boats is a common cultural heritage which would have disappeared were it not for the proud Venetian association, with the dantesque name, ‘Arzanà’ (Arsenal in dialect), which, for ten years, has safeguarded, preserved and studied it. Once upon a time a huge variety of boats sailed up and down the Venetian canals. In 1600 there were nearly 10,000 boats in the Lagunagondole di pirata, gondola di cassata, caorline, sandali, etc. With the advent of the first motor boats, the heritage of traditional boats was in danger of being lost. In order to prevent typical Venetian boats from falling into oblivion (when they were no longer functional the boats were disused and became fire wood) the Arzanà Association acquired the old Squero ‘Casal dei Servi’ in Cal delle pignatte, Cannaregio which they transformed into an exceptional little ‘living museum’. For those with some spare time and a curiosity for the world of Venetian boats, a visit is obligatory (to book a visit to the museum email The Squero was the place in which smaller boats were constructed in Venice. Casal dei Servi is one of the most famous because here, at the end of the 18th century, the process for constructing gondolas was renewed with the modification of the boat’s structural characteristics. You will find a unique collection inside the museum. The furnishings of old artisanal workshops, from that of Remer to that of Corder (which both made oars and nets), and forty historical boats, including the last peat, a traditional Venetian cargo boat, can be found inside the museum. One of the strongest pieces in the collection is the gondolin da fresco, the only example in the world which remains in perfect condition. This type of gondola, used for ‘strolls’ on the water in the summer, was often made less weighty so that it would be able to go faster. Discover the Arzanà with Guided tours between past and future, "From the Naval History Museum at the squero Casal"! For more information about how visit Arzanà: (+39) 331 74 60 148 (lunedì – venerdì 9 – 13)  


Arzanà: a secret Museum of old Venetian Boats
Arzanà Casal dei Servi Arzanà Casal dei Servi Arzanà Casal dei Servi, Italia
Arzanà: a secret Museum of old Venetian Boats