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From: 26-10-2013 To: 27-10-2013
Start: Stra

  • LOCATION: Start: Stra

The Venicemarathon is an all-round sporting event. Besides the 42 km race from Stra to Venice, important exhibitions are also being organised, as well as other interesting events, which will take place alongside the marathon, such as Exposport and Animalamaratona.

THE COURSE of the Venicemarathon

The race starts in Stra (a small town approximately 25 km west of Venice), at the beginning of the Riviera del Brenta, a beautiful area close to the canal where the rich and noble Venetians built their holiday homes in the eighteenth century.

The finish line is located in the historical centre of Venice, in Riva Sette Martiri.

The first part of the course, along the Riviera del Brenta, runs through a setting rich in history, culture and landscapes, characterised by numerous Venetian residential houses on the riverside.

The marathon goes through the centre of Marghera and Mestre, and then runs for a further 2 km inside the San Giuliano Park, reaching Venice via the Ponte della Libertà (a flat straight road nearly 4 km long).

The athletes run alongside the Giudecca Canal to Punta della Dogana, where they cross the Grand Canal on a pontoon bridge, built specifically for the marathon.

After passing through St. Mark’s square (high water permitting ...), by the Campanile and Palazzo Ducale, the marathon reaches its finish line located in Riva Sette Martiri.



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