Gospel Concert at Goldoni Theatre in Venice ?>

Gospel Concert at Goldoni Theatre in Venice

From: 20-12-2014 To: 21-12-2014
Teatro Goldoni
  • WEBSITE: www.teatrostabileveneto.it

  • LOCATION: Teatro Goldoni

Voices @ Christmas: the  new show proposed for Christmas period from Goldoni Theatre.

The Permanent Theatre of Veneto offers this year, for the Christmas period 2014 in Venice, a fabulous display of Gospel music. Saturday December 2o and Sunday December 21 the choir Big Vocal Orchestra will perform a concert lasting an hour and a half in which intertwine the classical repertoire of best known Christmas Charrols, the melodies from films, some famous songs from Musicals, and pop songs. The choir counting over 200 voices, directed by Marco Toso Borella in collaboration with Cristina Pustetto, who is also the artistic director of this project, is probably the most numerous choral composition currently present in Veneto. The Big Vocal Orchestra always manages to impress the spectators with the effect of the massive amount of entries, involving the audience with the choice of the repertoire and together conquering the scenic effect: the choreography accompany the songs with continuous effects creating a giant wave of surprise and energy. The choir will also be accompanied by an instrumental section that will consist of: keyboard, drums, bass and acoustic guitar as well as exciting solo voices. The goal is to arouse in the public moods, memories, traditions and relive the excitement of the magic of Christmas. This then is the way the Big Vocal Orchestra manages to engage the public in an overwhelming show, making the concert a 'unique experience for the listener and for those who sing, because music communicates, combines, agrees, tells'.   Dates and opening times Saturday, 20/12/2014 21:00 Sunday, 12/21/2014 17:00 Sunday, 12/21/2014 21:00 Prices Parterre 20.00 1st - 2nd order 17,00 3rd order 13,00 4th order 10.00  


Gospel Concert at Goldoni Theatre in Venice
Teatro Goldoni Teatro Goldoni Teatro Goldoni, Italia
Gospel Concert at Goldoni Theatre in Venice