M9 Museum

  • EMAIL: info@m9museum.it

  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39 041 2387230

  • WEBSITE: www.m9digital.it

  • LOCATION: Via Giovanni Pascoli 11 30171 Venezia Mestre

The twentieth century was also for Italy, and perhaps more than for other countries, the century of maximum contradictions: very rapid and previously unthinkable improvements in the living conditions and well-being of the population occurred alongside immense tragedies consumed in the most destructive wars that history remembers and also in unprecedented economic crises. Developments and destructions that have profoundly changed the living conditions, habits, culture of our country, well beyond the threshold of the twenty-first century.The Venice Foundation gives the city, the country and the world a museum of the nation so that Italians know the century that most contributed to creating their identity today, in the belief that knowledge is the indispensable basis for planning the individual and collective future. This collective path, which runs over a time span of over a century, is brought to life by an original, innovative and emotionally engaging museum, which puts multimedia and interactivity at the service of historical narration. The visitor will be immersed in the changes of the culture, lifestyles, natural and urban landscapes, science and work that have characterized the acceleration that history has given to the twentieth century, up to the present day, and will be led to understand the movements of the population, the economy, the politics that underlie these changes and that have interacted with them.


How to get there:

From Venice Mestre Railway Station: Tram Line 2, direction Mestre center to the Villa Erizzo stop

From Venice: From P.le Roma, you can take the Tram Line 1, direction Favaro, get off at the Mestre Centro stop, in P.le Cialdini, and take the last stretch on foot.

By bus: Alternatively, you can use the road lines (7, 7E, 4L, 4) which converge from P.le Roma towards the center of Mestre.

Opening hours:

From 1 October to 30 April 09 - 18 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 11 - 19 Sat, Sun,holidays

From 1 May to 30 September 10 - 19 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 11 - 22 Sat, Sun, holidays

Closed on Tuesday

Costs Tickets Permanent exhibition:

14 € Full

10 € reduced

10 € reduced groups

8 € reduced schools

32 € reduced family (+ 4 € for each minor from 7 to 18 in addition)

16 € open ticket (valid for 6 months)

Costs Cumulative Tickets (permanent + temporary):

16 € full

13 € reduced

13 € reduced groups

10 € reduced schools

37 € reduced family (+ 5 € for each minor, between 7 and 18 years, in addition)



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