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The wonders of the Torcello Museum: extraordinary archaeological finds on life in the Lagoon

The Torcello Museum is located in an absolutely unique context of the Venice Lagoon. The island itself can be considered a treasure chest of art if we consider that on the few meters that make up the square of Torcello there are four historic and religious buildings of high cultural value such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta with its bell tower, the Church of Santa Fosca, and the two Palaces of the Council and the Archives headquarters of the Provincial Museum. Inside there are archaeological finds and medieval and modern works of art. Subject to a recent restoration, the Provincial Museum of Torcello presents itself to the public with its important collections, objects of antiquity found in the area and especially in the Roman Altino, but also material from antiques and art lovers, mostly Venetians. Among the most significant pieces kept in the rooms of the Torcello Museum, the stylistic quality of the female head from a funerary stele and the veiled male head (probably images of the god Kronos), the Greek leaden bubble of the mid-century are worth mentioning. VII, one of the oldest documents in Venetian history, the golden silver altar frontal from the first half of the 13th century, made up of 13 panels (surviving from the original 42) recently restored, the pictorial cycles from the destroyed church of Sant'Antonio Torcello and attributed to the Veronese workshop.

How to get there:

ACTV public service: LN line "Laguna Nord" and T line "Torcello" with change in Burano.

From Venice: Fondamenta Nuove - Burano - Torcello.

From the mainland: Punta Sabbioni - Treporti Burano - Torcello.

Hours: open to the public on Saturday and Sunday 16.00 - 17.00;

free admission for all visitors


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