Redentore Feast 2017: the whole programme ?>

Redentore Feast 2017: the whole programme

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Venice is always magic, but there’s a night in particular, during the year, that is special: the night of the Redentore Feast.

The third Saturday of July, as tradition dictates, the city of Venice become the center of a feast that you won’t forget. St Mark’s Basin is going to be full of boats, the fondamenta will hosts hundreds of people with tables and lot of typical food.

The sky is getting ready to be the perfect scenery for an amazing firework performance.

The programma of the Redentore Feast 2017

7pm - The votive bridge, which connects Zattere with Redentore Church on Giudecca Island, opens.

You’ll walk literally above water, through what Venetians usually call a “pontoon bridge”, to reach the other side of the canal and get started with a yummy dinner with friends.

7pm - Presentation of the Venetian regatta boat crews.

11.30 pm - Firework display in St. Mark’s Basin

Other events

ASSEGGIANO: Firework display at 11.30 pm.

FAVARO VENETO: From 6.00 pm “Redentore a Favaro Veneto”, at the sport centre in via Monte Cervino. Firework display at 11.30 pm.

MALCONTENTA: From 4.30 pm Redentore at Malcontenta, by the parrish church. Firework display at 11.30 pm.

PELLESTRINA: From 7.30 pm Redentote at Pellestrina, by Piazza Zendrini. Firework display at 11.30 pm.

Sunday 16th July 2017

Regate del Redentore (Regatta of the Redeemer) - Giudecca Canal

4.00 pm children's twin-oared "pupparini" boat regatta 4.45 pm twin-oared "pupparini" boat regatta 5.30 pm twin-oared gondola regatta 7.00 p.m. - Votive Mass at the Chiesa del Redentore on the island of Giudecca

Parties in St Mark’s Basin and more

You can celebrate the Redentore Feast in different ways. Of course if you have a boat, we suggest you to use it and get to the basin before 7pm.

If you don’t have you own boat you can still celebrate the redentore Feast on the Jolly Roger ship at a price of 160 euros per person or at Serra dei Giardini, where a techno party will take place right after the fireworks and there will be an additional party on a boat from 3am to 10am (this is free).

Another party will be in Lido, at Nicelli airport with Altavoz + Yolo (electronic and hip hop music, from 10pm to 7am).

If you simply want to stroll around Giudecca Island, you can easily do it since the votive bridge will be open till Sunday 16th at 10pm.


The Actv, public transportation company, will increase the number of buses and vaporetti from Venice:

  • People Mover: from Piazzale Roma to Tronchetto will be available till 3am
  • Trains from Venice to Mestre: at 1.01am, 1..10am, 1.20am, 1.50am, 2.05am
  • Train from Venice to Treviso at 2.45am
  • Train from Venice to Padua at 2.10 am
  • Train from Venice to Vicenza at 2.50am.

Redentore Feast 2017: the whole programme
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Redentore Feast 2017: the whole programme