Venice Carnival 2016 ?>

Venice Carnival 2016

From: 30-01-2016 To: 09-02-2016
  • LOCATION: Venezia

Arts and Trades are the protagonists of the Venice Carnival 2016, titled this year "CREATUM: an idea for a new start, a rebirth of Venice's ancient origins."

Heart of Venice Carnival 2016 will be St.Mark's Square, where mask makers, weavers, tailors and glass-makers will relive in their 18th century Venetian workshops. From January the 30 to February the 9th the square will be transformed into a great crafts’ laboratory. An extraordinary village, the Creatum, designed by Massimo Checchetto scenografo of Teatro La Fenice, will become a stage where Venice will show her skills in gondolas and oars’ construction, masks and customs’ production, all accompanied by music and acting made by Gran Teatro La Fenice and Teatro Stabile del Veneto. All activities will be amplified on a big screen set up in the Square. A bridge for a stage and a Ferris wheel for the Angel's arrival will complete the set of a fairy-tale, where much-awaited traditional engagements come to life: the Festa delle Marie, historical parade of the 12 girls in magnificent Renaissance costumes; Sunday 31st January, the Flight of the Angel from St. Mark's Bell tower, performed by Irene Rizzi, (2015 “Maria” Carnival winner). Together with the mainland, where the Carnival will spread, and celebrations become a showcase exhibiting long traditions of Venetian life, even Calli and Campi in Venice will become places for musical and theatrical events. These events will be backed up by evening and nocturnal events at the Arsenale, like the open-air urban costume performances, the sumptuous King's Banquet (“Banchetto del Re”) - the official Carnival “gala dinner”, together with “The Club” and the Dance Machine where guests will be taken back to times echoing the pomp and splendour of the Venetian Republic, the centre of civilization.


Venice Carnival 2016
Venezia Venezia Venezia, Italia
Venice Carnival 2016