See the milky way in Valpolicella

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On a clear evening where the stars shine in the sky, climb up to Fiamene, a town 700 m above sea level in the municipality of Negrar to see the wonders of the Milky Way and immerse yourself in the boundless space of the stars, planets, comets and nebulae . A terrace of more than 100 square meters, adjacent to the 3.5 m diameter Sirius Observatories dome, can host the public for viewing the sky, with a special telescope of 28 cm in diameter. Given the 360 degree view and the low humidity, the Fiamene observatory is also used for astronomical photographs, especially of the deep sky: galaxies, nebulae, globular clusters, comets and meteors. So if the mystery and the boundlessness of space have always fascinated you, why not take the opportunity to see closely what is found millions of kilometers away from us by the observatories astronomic?


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