Suspended in the void

  • TELEFONO E FAX: 045 77 55 002

  • LOCATION: Loc. Girotto Marano di Valpolicella (VR)

NOT TO BE MISSED FOR ♦ Excursion with thrills in Valpolicella ♦ Very particular structure among the few existing ♦ Try the bird's eye view on the Valsorda Have you dreamed many times of experiencing the thrill of being suspended in the void but have never had the opportunity? Well, Valpolicella, in addition to offering renowned wines and important historic villas, also gives you the thrill of walking on a suspension bridge over 50 m high. This work, very rare of its kind, was commissioned by the administrations of Marano and Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo in 2012, the two municipalities that are located on the opposite sides of the Valsorda, soon reaching the international limelight. Inserted in a system of paths, the Tibetan bridge was built to encourage frequenting by mountain hiking enthusiasts and to relaunch tourism in this area between high Valpolicella and Lessinia. The proposal for the day is based on a demanding path, recommended for expert hikers, which leads to the bridge, crossing the Rio di Mondrago on the Valsorda at 52 meters high. So prepare comfortable walking shoes and go towards the thrill of emptiness under your feet! Recommended starting point for excursions, reachable by car, is Malga Biancari, in Girotto (after the village of San Rocco), where you can park in a large parking lot. The malga, equipped with a picnic area, is located in a semi-forested agricultural area alternating with large areas cultivated with lawn. Here starts the circular path of 5.7 km which, in about two to three hours, allows you to cross the Tibetan bridge and enjoy the exciting "bird's eye" vision that only height can give, in addition to exploring the woods and the damp ravine where the stream flows. The circular route starts from Malga Biancari (m 592 s.l.m.) and reaches the locality of Mulino del Cao (m 308 s.l.m.), to return again to the starting point after almost 6 km. About 1.5 km from the start here is the suspension bridge, waiting for you to continue the other part of the path! Can you not succumb to the temptation to go back when the bridge sways under your weight and you find yourself overlooking the stream? After crossing the Tibetan bridge with a little heart pounding, you will be thrilled at the thought of finding yourself in such a singular place and having faced some difficulties to reach it. Subsequently, the route climbs rapidly towards the Campore caves and then descends just as quickly towards Mulino del Cao, where there is also a refreshment point. From here you return to Malga Biancari, after overcoming a drop of almost 300 m in just under 2 km.


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