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The Wineries in Valpolicella are really many, more than 400 and they have all their peculiarities !! We do not ask you to visit them all, but choose the one that most invites you and enter a world of ancient traditions and unmistakable perfumes. Taste the typical wines of the area and discover their characteristics and secrets. In addition to this you can also take home some Valpolicella to remind you of this pleasant experience !! All our cellars are equipped with a wine shop where you can buy bottles! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WINERIES IN TURN OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY WITHOUT RESERVATION OBLIGATION We already give you some indications not to get totally unprepared .. or maybe to make you want to taste our wines even more !! - Valpolicella a young, fine wine with a ruby red color, a vinous, subtle aroma with cherry and pink tones and a fresh flavor. It is a soft wine, pleasantly bitter and lively tannic. For its production, native grapes are used to testify the strong link with the territory and with the history of this quality product; in particular the most used vines are: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara. - Valpolicella Ripasso ruby in color with garnet reflections, it offers an intense aroma of red berry fruits and pink fruit with hints of vanilla. It is a wine with a refined, round, dry and velvety flavor. The Ripasso method is a technique that is carried out by "re-stepping" the Valpolicella wine on the pomace of Amarone, obtained from the Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone grapes, still hot and rich in sugars. - Amarone della Valpolicella of a very intense red color with garnet notes, and a scent reminiscent of dried fruit, tobacco and spices, thanks to the noble molds created during the drying process. The flavor is highly fruity, with a marked fragrance, dry while ensuring long-lasting softness, with full body, invigorating and vigorous warmth. It is obtained by drying the grapes stored in fruit lofts, where the fermentation of sugars is completed. - Recioto della Valpolicella: It is a wine obtained by a long drying of the grapes and by stopping the fermentation to preserve the percentage of sugar necessary to guarantee the typical structure of this wine. It has an intense ruby red color, dark, sometimes impenetrable, with a decisive aroma of dried fruit and cherries in alcohol, which continues harmoniously in the flavor with sustained tone and good total acidity.


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