Alberto Sarria

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  • TELEFONO E FAX: + 39 041 5207278


  • LOCATION: Ruga Rialto – San Polo 777, Venice

Since 1986, Alberto Sarria Masks has created papier-mâché masks for the theatre, Carnival parties and as decorative items for the home. Today, the atelier create also marionettes and leather masks, all crafted according to traditional Venetian artisanal techniques. Our paper-mâché masks are made one by one using the centuries-old traditional way. We use only paper, glue and water to make them, and all kind of artistic techniques. Are you looking for a Venetian mask? Be careful not to buy a low quality imitation. Authentic traditional products are completely handcrafted starting from raw paper or leather. It does not matter if you prefer a paper-mâché mask, a leather one or a traditional marionette, the attention to detail with which we make all our unique pieces is the same.


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