Gioia di Lucia Conventi

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  • LOCATION: Cannaregio, 100, 30121 Venezia VE

Gioia was born in 1987 as a producer of costume jewelery and fashion accessories where the predominant element is the glass bead and the small beads obtained by cutting glass rods, called "conterie". The owner, Luisa Conventi, has an ancient family tradition behind her: in the early 1950s her grandfather Aurelio opened a pearl factory, the company "FERENAZ", which was subsequently left in the hands of his son Antonio. In 2009 the Gioia company merged with Ferenaz, thus expanding both its production and the sale of semi-finished products. In 2010 the new production of glass bead fringes was introduced thanks to Mrs. Bruna Costantini who, after closing her company, came to Gioia to work with her precious old wooden frames.

Conterie and glass beads: they are the raw material with which we make our products. The lume beads (handmade) are produced with Murano glass rods, the beads are partly from the old Murano production and partly come from the Czech Republic, the small metal parts of Italian production are all worked with hypoallergenic galvanic. Every year new collections are created with autumn / winter and spring / summer colors. In addition to our production line, we carry out finished or semi-finished products, based on the applicant's design and colors (we also work for fashion houses and department stores) JEWELERY: Scarves and "torsades" in beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, hair clips, chains for glasses in glass beads, beads and rhinestones. FRINGES: in glass beads and straws, for curtains, carpets, dresses and chandeliers FLOWERS: in glass beads and beads for table centerpieces, "embrasse" for curtains, favors, bouquets, trimmings for lampshades, Christmas decorations. ACCESSORIES: Clasps for shoes and belts, applications for bags, trimmings for favors, bows in beads for handles or curtains.


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