Il forcolaio matto di Piero Dri

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  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39 041 8778823


  • LOCATION: ramo dell'oca cannaregio 4231 30121 venezia - italy

In 2013, after two years dedicated to restoring an old warehouse, he opened his own Bottega. Piero is the fourth and youngest remer (oar maker) in Venice. The new workshop takes the name of “Il Forcolaio Matto” (The Mad Forcolier). And it is here that Piero began his path of independent work, creating oars and forcole for the nearby gondoliers of S.Sofia, the regatta racers, and the Remiere (Rowing Clubs). Piero suggests rowing as an alternative way to see and live the city of Venice. A healthy, smart, and entirely low-cost way to move around and discover the secrets and the hidden corners of the most beautiful city on water in the world. The trade of the remer is an ancient one in Venice. Officially it dates back to 1307. The remer was the maker of oars for the Venetian boats and vessels. This activity has since been placed side by side with the production of “forcole”. Maestro Piero Dri revives in his workshop the old Venetian skills and, day after day, keeps alive the traditions of a city unique in the world. In “The Mad Forcolier”’s workshop you can find all the tools, some very old and used for generations, necessary to the building of oars and forcole, essential to Venetian life. Each element is arranged in orderly fashion so as to have always the space and light required for the manufacturing.A visit to the the workshop of Piero Dri will allow you to observe where and how the “maestro remer” stores the wood for a careful and slow natural seasoning.


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