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Our work is intense research striving for the extreme: unconventional ideas, ventures, working at the limits of lightness, inconsistency of materials, minimum weights, fragility that holds and strength with the least of physical material. These peculiarities are typical of Venice’s building systems, hence of its beauty and uniqueness. Working in this environment, it is unavoidable to be affected by it. Thorough analysis of the forces at play and drastic reduction to the bare minimum. Sensitivity that translates into lightness. The aspiration to make the void play. The Momojiri sound The sound produced by these guitars is choral but an independent resonance spreads simultaneously, supporting a great output of sound. If we had to describe the sound of our guitars with just one adjective, this would be “complex”. It is not easy though to find the right word because we talk about something outside common conventions, something we are not used to hear. Our sound is the product of several design solutions. This complexity resembles the single elements as much as the whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts. We take licence to say that, despite the wide design span across our range, the sound of our guitars always reflect our character outside conventions. This is what matters: this is a search of a new way, different, that mirrors us. This is what motivates our work and materializes in our creations.


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