Fratelli Tosi

  • TELEFONO E FAX: +39 041739071


  • LOCATION: Calle delle Conterie, 16 - 30141 Murano (VE) Italy

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in Murano, the Tosi family inherited the ancient art of the Venetian mirror, bringing it to its maximum fulfillment. From the hands of Romano, the modern patriarch of the family, and then of Gianfranco, the wisdom of giving soul to reflections, has reached our days, entrusted to the care of his children Mirco and Massimo. The excellent art of the Tosi family today has a recognized world record confirmed by the design of mirrors, furniture and furnishing solutions of inimitable beauty, which can be personalized and made to measure, even starting from the project of a trusted designer. The perfection of the silvering made exclusively with pure silver, the precision of the engravings and the grindings exclusively hand-finished, the sparkling universe of colors and the care of the final assembly make each Tosi creation an indisputable masterpiece.

With the wisdom of the master glassmaker. Putting the awareness of a contemporary entrepreneur at the service of a millenary art to bring it into the future. This is how the Masters of the Tosi family live their inimitable profession, making their creations more and more exclusive and personalized. With this inestimable heritage of identity they then wanted to merge the art of the Venetian mirror with contemporary technologies, transforming precious everyday objects, such as the latest generation televisions, into an example of futuristic aesthetics, always with the unmistakable Made in Italy quality.


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