L'Isola di Pinocchio

  • EMAIL: roberto@marionettesinvenice.com

  • TELEFONO E FAX: 041 524 5279

  • WEBSITE: www.marionettesinvenice.com

  • LOCATION: Cannaregio, 2417 - 30121 Venezia, Italia

Welcome into the magic world of Marionettes created by the Venetian craftsman Roberto Comin. Here you will find typical characters of Commedia dell'Arte as well as rapresentations of characters belonging both to history and fantastic literature.  You will be able to order them in this site or  if you are on holiday in Venice, you can visit my workshop and buy them directly. As a young boy playing in the maze of narrow walkways, small squares, and canals that make up this ancient lagoon city of Venice, Italy, Roberto's imagination was captured by the story of Pinocchio, and while still a teenager he began making puppets and marionettes. Over the next twenty-odd years his marionettes evolved into the variety of characters you see presented on this website. Each workday you will find him at work in his small shop in Venice, in the same neighborhood he grew up in.


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