Vedova in Tondo – Magazzini del Sale ?>

Vedova in Tondo – Magazzini del Sale

From: 17-05-2014 To: 02-11-2014
Magazzini del Sale

  • LOCATION: Magazzini del Sale

The machine designed by Renzo Piano will be again on the move at Magazzini del Sale in Venice for the exhibition Vedova in Tondo.

From May 17th to November 2nd 2014 the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova of Venice presents a new exhibition. “Vedova in Tondo”, which offers visitors a cycle of works marking a key point in the development of the famous Venetian artist: the Dischi, Tondi and Oltre of 1985-1987 and a selection of large teleri dating from 1981-1985, most of them never displayed before. For the occasion, the machine Renzo Piano had designed for the Foundation will be once more in action. The mechanism,which is unique in the world, allow a dynamic exhibition of the works. Thanks to robotic shuttles, the scenery can evolve changing the place of the artistic objects in a space with no constraints. The exhibition includes two sections of works: one fixed to the wall and floor, which maintains a dialogue with the other section, which comprises three series of paintings moved by robotic shuttles. The first includes the Disco called Non Dove ‘86 I (23-1-86), a large painting on wood located on the floor; next to the title is the date of the death of Joseph Beuys. The painting was in fact executed by Vedova immediately after have learnt the sad news of the death of an artist he admired a lot. On the large 15th-century wall of the Magazzino del Sale five large Tondi of 1985-1987, while the second section presents three series of moving works, including a selection of Oltre and large teleri of the 1980s. Opening Times: From 10.30 am to 18pm Closed on Tuesday Tickets: € 8


Vedova in Tondo – Magazzini del Sale
Magazzini del Sale Magazzini del Sale Magazzini del Sale, Italia
Vedova in Tondo – Magazzini del Sale