From: 03-05-2015 To: 31-10-2015
Padiglione Acquae
  • LOCATION: Padiglione Acquae

On the occasion of Milano Expo 2015, Venice presents the pavilion Acquae Venezia 2015 collateral to the Universal Exposition.

The pavilion Acquae Venezia 2015 will be inaugurated on May 3rd 2015. The collateral event of Milano Expo 2015 dedicated to water themes will take place in a new building built in Marghera – Venice and designed by the archistar Michele De Lucchi. Among all the events already scheduled for the exhibition in Venice we mention “The Immersive Tunnel” that will give the chance to climb down the depths of the ocean with the “Lift of the Abyss”, to become a meteorology expert and make your weather prediction in the “Climate Theatre”, and to discover sea flavours in the “Water Food World”. Aquae Venezia 2015 is sponsored by Expo 2015 which has conferred on the initiative the status of “Collateral” in virtue of the theme of Water, completely coherent with the theme of Expo: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Acquae, with his pavilion that extends for 50.000 mq, will propose a thick programme including exhibitions, experiential activities and conferences, tasting itineraries and spectacular events address to the public, but also international events dedicated to companies and the research world. For six months (from May to October) there will be a rich programme of exhibitions, activities, conferences, B2B business area, workshops and matchmakings in which the theme of water will be treated through different points of view: from environment to work, from industry to agriculture, passing through feeding, health and wellness and leisure. WORK AT SEAWORLD AND ALTABIRRA Among other events presented: "Work at Seaworld - International exhibition dedicated to maritime economy and Blue Economy" and "AltaBirra - Exhibition dedicated to beer with high creative level" of Officina Comunicazione & Eventi. One of the most awaited attractions is the “Lift of the Abyss”. Thanks to this experience you may perceive to climb down the Mariana Trench admiring the fauna of the sea of different depths. Moreover, there will be a space for drinks, including wines, spirits, teas and infusions and lastly, there will be an area dedicated to meteorology and environment. THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD EXPERIENCE AREA Among the permanent sections there is also The International Food Experience Area, realized in collaboration with ELIOR. The area is dedicated to food, offering a boutique of taste and several rest areas dedicated mainly to worldwide culinary traditions related to fish dishes. Cooking classes and cooking shows are also expected. THE LEONARDO’S PARK The section "The Leonardo's Park" completes the project. It is a thematic park, located outside the pavilion, where children and adults will have the opportunity to learn scientific aspects related to water in a pleasant, dynamic and interactive way. CONFERENCES There will be three main moments. "Water and Life", organized by Umberto Veronesi Foundation with the scientific coordination of Chiara Tonelli, a series of scientific conferences dedicated to wellness and health. The convention promoted by UN-WWAP World Water Assessment Programme (UNESCO) to talk about the “Water for a Sustainable World” presented for the firs time in New York on March 20th 2015. “Water Planet", by eAmbiente and with the scientific coordination of Gabriella Chiellino, a series of three B2B and B2C exhibitions dedicated to reclamation systems, irrigation, the fight against desertification, recycling of polluted areas. TICKETS FOT ACQUAE VENICE 2015: 22€ at the ticket office or 20€ online.  


Padiglione Acquae Padiglione Acquae Padiglione Acquae, Italia